Our SFI Team Co-op

Our SFI Team Co-op

Note: This co-op should not be considered a replacement for your own advertising, it is only a supplement to your overall marketing plan.
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Who is eligible?

The co-op is open to anyone who has me (Tim Braun or The E-merican Dream Team) in their upline. If I'm in your upline, this would include your personally sponsored affiliates. This does NOT include co-sponsored affiliates, unless they also happen to fall under me.

Check your upline here: http://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/upline.sfi

How many affiliates will I get?

That depends on how many we bring in, how many are participating and how many versa points you have for the month.

To begin with you will be awarded as follows:
MONTHLY V Point Total Affiliates Awarded
500 1
1,000 2
1,500 3
3,000 4
4,000 5
5,000 6
6,000 7

If enough affiliates are not generated in a given month, they will be accumulated and awarded in future months as more become available... provided you aquire a minimum of 150 points each month.

What does it cost?

Not a thing! This is a FREE co-op.

How do I join?

Send me an e-mail to braun_t@hotmail.com and include your name and SFI ID#.
Put "co-op" in the subject line.

First make sure you have at least 1500 total versa points. You can find that information on your home page here: http://www.sfimg.com/Home.sfi

Our SFI Team Co-op

Why do I need to generate 150 versa points or lose my accumulated affiliates in the co-op?

Although I offer the co-op for free, I still spend a substantial amount on advertising... I want the affiliates we generate to go to people who are active and serious about building their SFI business. If that description fits you, you will have no problem reaching 150 points.

For example: If you are active in SFI's EyeEarn co-op, you'll get 100 points each month... you can easily gain the other 50 by logging in and visiting your home page.

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